TANGY MAJOR- "Two words come to mind when I think of the entity "ChoirWorks." Those words are 'God-fearing' and 'Professionalism.'

Singing with this group makes me as an individual become a 'better me than what I was yesterday.'  I'm both humbled and honored to sing with such a special group of great people."

NICHELLE WILSON - "ChoirWorks  inspires me to offer up my gift and to foster worship on a deeper level through song and prayer.  I'm grateful and humbled to share in a network of such talented and loving folks from whom I draw strength and encouragement."

GWEN HUNTER- "ChoirWorks has inspired me to freely use my God-given gift to be a blessing to others through song and deed. I am not ashamed to share the good news in worship and praise, and doing it with a family like ChoirWorks under the anointed leadership of Walt Sorey makes a wonderful and humbling experience. "