SHARON YOUNG -"Since being a part of 'Choir Works' I've found my freedom in singing for the Lord!  We LOVE showing others through songs, that Music is a Key for every Problem, a Light for every Shadow, a Plan for every Tomorrow, and Joy for every Sorrow.  Music in your soul can be heard by the universe! Thank You Lord for giving 'Choir Works' the honor of being a part of Your Master Plan!! TGBTG!!"

LOVIE LILLY- "ChoirWorks is like no other ministry in which I have been involved.  Having the opportunity to sing unto the Lord with my brothers and sisters, and to acknowledge 'The Lord Jesus Christ' in our lives is truly a blessing, for which I am grateful. He is Alpha and Omega...The Beginning and The End! It is my pleasure to serve God in this hour!"

NANCY JOHNSON - "Choir Works has inspired me to always keep a song on my lips and in my heart.  Just knowing I have an additional  group of  genuine people that surrounds keeps me smiling."


LENORA ISAAC - "ChoirWorks has been my heavenly chorus family here on earth guided by the visionary Walt Sorey as our musical and spiritual shepherd! I feel blessed to sing with dedicated vocalists and musicians that are as humble and spiritually grounded as they are gifted and talented. I feel inspired to be bolder in the Lord to use my gifts in ministry!"

LOUISE ALEXANDER-"ChoirWorks has inspired me to never give up no matter what. The magnitude of God given talent that comes together and sings for the kingdom has taken me to another level in my faith, and my love walk with God."